About Us



KIMA LEE Martial Arts School of Fitness and Self Defense is recognized by Kukkiwon and the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). KIMA LEE Taekwondo also promotes and supports all safety and crime prevention initiatives. We offer a realistic approach on the study of Martial Arts styles including Taekwondo. These techniques and principals will instill confidence in virtually any self-defense situation. Taekwondo, thus, is the technique of unarmed combat for self defense that involves the skillful application of techniques that include punching, jumping kicks, dodges, and parrying actions with hands and feet. It’s a system of training both the mind and body, with emphasis on the trainee’s physical and moral character development.

K.I.M.A LEE youth programs encourage students to become members of their community, strengthening themselves and those around them. We foster strength through discipline and charity to enrich all the lives of those our students encounter. Martial Arts gives meaning and purpose through understanding; channeling its intrinsic knowledge should always be used to benefit others.


Master Edmonds is one of the most respected Taekwondo instructors in all of Winnipeg. He boasts an impressive resume including over 39 years of Martial Arts experience, specializing in both WTF Taekwondo and Kung Fu. Master Edmonds is also recognized by the Kukkiwon Belt Level Certification and is able to complete advancements to Black Belt and above. He has received extensive training by some of the world's leading Taekwondo instructors including world renowned Grand Master Am Lee and Master Kim. His Kung Fu experience comes from leading Kung Fu instructor Sifu David Cliff and Patrick Kelly at the Black Dragon/Ching Wu Athletic Association. In addition to Master Edmonds martial arts credentials, he has also spent over 20 years working in Justice and Law Enforcement. He maintains up to date training in both justice security protocols and CPR and first aid. Master Edmonds is proud of his extensive work with troubled youth and adults that have been involved in the criminal justice system , he has spent a generous amount of time working with at risk inner city youth while certified as a youth counselor. This time in justice has enabled him to create a partnership with the Winnipeg Police Community outreach division, and affords his pupils the unique opportunity to learn from his extensive portfolio.     

⦁ 39 years Martial Arts experience, in both WTF Taekwondo and Kung Fu
⦁ Recognized Kukkiwon Belt Level Certification to Black belt and above
⦁ Trained by Korean Grand Master Am Lee, and Master Kim
⦁ Extensive Taekwondo tournament experience, both operating and entering
⦁ Over 13 years as a Taekwondo Instructor
⦁ 1 year of Kick Boxing
⦁ Up to date training in Justice security management protocols
⦁ 20 Years of Justice and Law Enforcement Experience
⦁ Partnership with Winnipeg Police Community Outreach Division
⦁ Crisis intervention and Conflict Management certificates
⦁ Current first aid and CPR certificates
⦁ Certified Youth Counselor and extensive experience working with youth development